Do Live Casino Games Cheat? - How to Avoid Bad Experiences

Due to the implication of the human factor with dealers and remote gaming, many users have doubts as to whether or not live casino games cheat. In this article, you will learn about the operators' approach to this issue, what you can do to avoid complications and what are the points to follow if you have a claim to file.

Live Casino Games Cheat

The history of BetOnline and its dealer cheating scandal in 2017 created a ripple effect of reasonable doubts in thousands of players around the world. Working for the provider Global Gaming Labs, the dealer was caught cheating in a blackjack live casino table. As a consequence of this, the operator terminated its contract with the casino software developer and the company eventually had to close its doors.

Even though it was an unprecedented problem, the clarity of the viral video was irrefutable and led many people to question the legality of live casino games. Fortunately, something good came out of something bad, and prestigious operators together with the most recognized software providers internationally took more measures to avoid such bitter situations in the future.

Why are live casinos not interested in cheating?

While live casino games do not work with random number generators and there is a human factor in the development of the actions due to the presence of the dealer, the reality is that the chances of cheating are negligible, especially when it comes to reputed online casinos and well-known software developers.

On the one hand, online casinos must comply with regulations and any troublesome situation can end with the loss of the license. On the other hand, both operators and software providers have an income guaranteed by the characteristics of each game. This house edge makes it unnecessary to resort to cheating strategies. These companies are also not interested in the bad publicity that this type of situation could generate.

Dealer certifications, controls, and analysis

Quality checks and performance analysis are part of the daily operations of online casinos and live casino software developers. This includes the performance of the dealers, who must be professional and act always following the respective regulations. Not to say those bad apples cannot be found but there are many filters so that the end-user does not suffer the consequences.

Tips to avoid bad experiences with live casinos

Tips to avoid bad experiences

If you want the peace of mind and security of not falling into problematic cheating situations by unscrupulous dealers of live casino tables, you can follow some easy steps and tips to help you along the way. It all starts with finding a respected platform that operates with the necessary licenses to offer services in your region. From there, consider this:

  • Choose a prestigious online casino with a valid license
  • Check the platform’s operating license and software provider certifications
  • Read all the game info (settings, bet limits, additional rules, etc.) before playing

What to do in case of doubts or complaints?

Although there are many control mechanisms over live casino activities, we cannot rule out the possibility of human error or a confusing situation that we need to clarify. In this case, it is best to contact the customer service team and present all the relevant details. If there is no response in a reasonable time or it does not satisfy you, you can go to other instances such as the institution that issues the license of the operator in question to make a formal complaint.